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Revival never starts as a collective move amongst a large number of people; rather it is always incubated in the hearts of single individuals, who when enough of them begin to experience personal revival, then a corporate revival can follow. This books, and the lessons therein are intended to ignite the flames of revival in all who read them.

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When God’s people have moved away from Him, tolerating sin and allowing their passion for God to be surpassed by the things of this world making them naturally minded rather than spiritually minded what are we to do? It is at this point it becomes necessary to be revived or brought back to life. Revival awakens us to the power of God and His Spirit. It starts with one person, church or Christian, being set on fire again for the Lord and they spread that fire to others who need to be brought to life again. God is seeking you to be a walking, talking demonstration of revival, thus causing awakening to flow from you.